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Program for Advanced Training of Hepatologists in Alcohol Use Disorder Management (PRATHAM)

April-May 2021


At the end of the courses, learners will be able to:

  1. Screening and evaluation of persons with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).
  2. Identification and management of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome.
  3. Selection of an appropriate pharmacological agent for long term treatment in persons with AUD.
  4. Delivering brief psychological interventions for persons with AUD.

Spoke Participants

Hepatologists from USA, India, South America, and Europe.

Program Duration and Design:

The program duration will be for 8 weeks. It will consist of 8 live Tele-ECHO Sessions conducted every Saturday between 3rd April 2021 and 22nd May 2021. All sessions will be delivered using the ZOOM Video Conferencing platform.

Each live session will start with a brief didactic lecture followed by case presentations by the participants and discussion of the same between various spokes and the hub team at NIMHANS.

Hub team from Centre for Addiction Medicine NIMHANS

Experts: Dr Jayant Mahadevan, Dr Udit Panda, Dr Daniel, Dr Prabhat Chand and Dr Pratima Murthy

Support Team: Mr Kubenthiran, Ms Likhitha, Mr Manjunath


Please click the below link to see the Curriculum and Details of Program for Advanced Training of Hepatologists in Alcohol Use Disorder Management (PRATHAM)

Programme details

NOTE: Sessions will be held as per the following time schedule on the dates mentioned in the curriculum between 7.30PM to 9PM IST

Cases to be presented in Live TELE-ECHO sessions should be submitted by the participating doctors at least a week prior to the desired date of Presentation. Please use the below link to submit your cases in a prescribed format.

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