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Right Knowledge || Right Place || Right Time

75 out of 100 people with Addictive disorder do not have access to Care.

Lack of skilled capacity to provide quality care for Addictive disorders.

Addiction, a chronic treatable brain disorder, impact lives of person, family and society.

Our mission is to make trusted knowledge accessible to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Using case-based learning, collaborative care and telementoring,  we seek to build a “community of practice” of highly- skilled “Addiction management” champions.

People with addictive disorders will receive the right care at the right place and at the right time by these champions.

Building Capacity for Quality care in Addiction & Mental Health

Patient Centric Learning

Real Case discussion is the core of the VKN tele-ECHO

Best Practices
Share best practices combined with clinical wisdom to reduce disparity of care.

Digital Technology
Leveraging Smartphone app based multi point video conference

Earn Accreditation Certificate from NIMHANS Digital Academy-VKN

Be part of Network

6000+ champions are already part of the Knowledge Network and touching lives of many !!

“In the last 5 years, this force-multiplier effect has led to a virtual community  of over 5000+ connected health providers, learners, educators being mentored on “best practices” by NIMHANS Hub, who could touch lives of  >2,00,000 people from rural and underserved areas to provide Quality care in  Addiction  Mental health”

Real case discussion: Real life learning

>90% of Alcohol Use Disorders managed by the Doctors in the community

March 2014 till July 2023

Counsellors & Educators

Accredited champions

Cases Co-managed
Lives Touched

Certificate ECHOs

Currently Running

Tobacco Cessation

Comprehensive Tobacco Cessation Certificate Course 5.0

Mental Health and Addiction (CALM IMA 2.0)

Case-assisted Learning and Mentoring: Integrated Mental Health and Addiction 2.0

Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal Psychiatry Division

Learning by doing

All teach and learn

The tele-mentoring model, focuses on case based learning in which participants discuss anonymized  cases with our experts as well as with the peers, during weekly ECHO session.

Accredited Certificate Course

Certificate Course in Basics of Addiction Management ECHO

Completed 2021 July-November: 50hrs Psychologists, Psychiatric/Medical Social Workers, nurses, educators

Management Of Addictive Disorders: An Advanced Certificate Programme ECHO

Completed 2021 Jan to June 21:60hrs Psychiatrist, Psychiatry trainee and Doctors completed Basics of Addiction Management

Certificate Course On Basics of Alcohol Addiction Management ECHO

Completed:July to September 2020 Doctors Odisha Completed

Certificate Course On Basics of Addiction Management ECHO

Running: Medical Doctors and Specialists : 2022

Our Funders

We are very grateful for the support and partnership of our funders.

Popular Queries

NIMHANS ECHO is an innovative capacity building program that uses a HUB and SPOKE knowledge-sharing network, led by expert teams from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in Bangalore, to provide training and tele-mentoring to healthcare professionals working in remote and rural areas of India.

In the Hub and Spoke model of NIMHANS ECHO, NIMHANS serves as the central “hub” of expertise, while various healthcare providers and professionals in remote and rural areas are the “spokes.” The model works as follows:

  1. Hub: NIMHANS, being a renowned mental health and neurosciences institution, acts as the central hub of knowledge and expertise. The hub consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other mental health professionals.

  2. Spokes: The spokes are healthcare providers and professionals located in geographically distant and underserved areas. These may include primary care physicians, nurses, counselors, or other healthcare workers who encounter mental health issues in their daily practice but may lack specialized training in mental health.

Each NIMHANS tele-ECHO session consists of spoke-led presentations of anonymized patient cases and discussion of the cases whereby the peers as well as hub experts provide advice on the diagnosis and management. This is followed by a brief didactic on a mental health-related topic. .

The core component of this Knowledge Sharing model is weekly “case discussion” during tele-ECHO session with clinical experts or mentors. This continuous loop of learning, mentoring and peer support is what makes ECHO unique, with a long-lasting impact far beyond that of a webinar, e-learning course or telemedicine care

We continued to learn from each other.Collaborative Learning: The hub and spoke participants engage in a collaborative learning process, fostering knowledge exchange, skill development, and the building of a supportive professional network. The spokes gain expertise in managing mental health conditions, reducing the need for patient referrals to specialized centers and improving access to quality mental healthcare in remote areas

Each NIMHANS ECHO runs like a course as recognised by Board of Studies . These are Professional Developmental Programme. Each spoke will have access to a mobile e-learning platform which allows learners to access learning materials and relevant questions anytime and anywhere. 

You may like to see Details of Certificate courses here.

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