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Karnataka Tobacco Cessation ECHOO

July 2017 – March 2018


Two in five (38%) adults in rural areas and one in four (25%) adults in urban areas use tobacco in some form. They have a poor chance of quitting the use of tobacco despite several attempts to do so. Moreover only less than 50% of tobacco users are advised to quit tobacco by health professionals and among them only less than 10% are provided any help to quit tobacco. We implemented a virtual training session to help assist counselors in helping patients quit tobacco use. We found that this method of training is feasible, cost effective and the benefit is translating to increased number of patients seeking help for Tobacco Cessation.


  1. Identification, Screening for Tobacco Dependence and contributing factors influencing it
  2. Handling brief psychosocial interventions
  3. Decision making about what can be managed by the District Counselors and what needs to be referred to a higher centers having expertise in tobacco cessation treatment
Participants Enrolled
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