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Bihar Addiction ECHO

February 2016 - September 2016


In the year 2016, the State Health Society, Government of Bihar approached the Centre for Addiction Medicine (CAM), NIMHANS for training and hand holding the primary health physicians and counselors in the area of substance use disorders.. These trained health professionals will  be the master trainers for their state, in addition to providing deaddiction services at the district hospitals in Bihar. After on-site training, each district team will be supported by hand holding and co-managing through online “Virtual” Knowledge Network NIMHANS ECHOO and Mobile E-learning Certificate course.  We strongly believe that this blended training, as well as hand holding, will increase the confidence of doctors and counselors and will translate to better patient care in their community.


At the end of the courses, learners will be able to:

  1. IDENTIFY Substance addiction as a medical risk factor
  2. INTERVENE to manage problems related to Substance use
  3. INVOLVE other health care providers i.e. counselors and work as a team to offer help
  4. Helping in Establishing the District Drug Addiction Centres at 35 districts of Bihar


  1. Phase – 1 : ONSITE – A total of 26 health care professionals from the state of Bihar got trained at the Centre for Addiction Medicine, NIMHANS.
  2. Phase – 2 : ONLINE, 20 members actively engaged in online sessions and 6 members did not participate further after onsite training. 
  3. Total number of online Sessions over 6 month period was is 14.  Instances of participation is 137. Number of cases discussed is 50

Article Published in Indian Journal of Medical Research

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