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Communication Skills: A – Ask/Assess

vknadmin December 20, 2022

Communication is an essential component of all therapeutic interventions. Good communication skills help in establishing and fostering a therapeutic relationship. The following communication skills are important i.e. Listening, Paraphrasing, Summarizing, Questioning as well as non-verbal communication.

Listening actively means giving your full attention – that is, physically, mentally and emotionally – which needs to be communicated to the person who is talking. Effective listening is therefore a cognitive, behavioural and an affective process.

Listening involves the following:

  • providing time for the person to tell his/her story
  • offering a quiet and private space, free from distractions to listen to the person
  • listening with the purpose of understanding the person’s message
  • giving full attention by focusing on what the person is saying
  • tuning out external distractions, such as background noises
  • tuning out internal distractions, such as thoughts about what to say next.

In the following brief presentation, the important features of effective communication are highlighted.




Video on communication skills

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