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Prevention of Relapse

vknadmin December 20, 2022

Just like any other chronic disease, tobacco use is prone to remissions and relapses, it is highly likely that persons addicted to tobacco may relapse after a period of abstinence. It is important to educate patients about the likelihood of relapses and how to deal with them positively. also, identifying triggers for relapse in advance and discussing alternate ways of dealing with such triggers, particularly urges and craving, developing a healthy lifestyle, learning how to deal effectively with tension or mood changes and engaging the support of family and friends, in addition, to support provided by the health provider are all important components of relapse prevention counselling.




In this video Ms Tej Deepika, the psychologist will discuss three important concepts.

  • Concept of Relapse 
  • To undertake a relapse assessment 
  • Relapse Prevention strategies
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Quick revision on Relapse prevention by Ms Tej Deepika

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