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Primer on Addiction Pharmacology

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Primer on Addiction Pharmacology : A self-learning certificate module

“This certificate module is currently undergoing testing to ensure quality content, functionality and effectiveness.

This module content was developed as a part of the PDF (Addiction Medicine) project, led by Dr. Mohita Joshi MD. Mr. Manjunatha and Ms. Sanchitha provided valuable assistance in creating the content. If you’re interested in enrolling for this module, we encourage you to subscribe to the link. By subscribing, you will receive regular updates in your email inbox.”

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Our goal is to provide evidence-based guidance to healthcare professionals in order to improve the treatment outcomes for patients with substance use disorders.

Learning Objectives?

  1. Understanding of the role of pharmacotherapy in treating addiction, its mechanism of action, and its effectiveness.
  2. Compare and contrast the different types of pharmacotherapies for addiction
  3. Apply the knowledge gained in the module to develop evidence-based treatment plans for patients with addiction   
    By achieving these learning objectives, learners should be able to gain a solid foundation in addiction psychopharmacology and develop the skills needed to provide effective treatment to individuals with addiction.

Who are the Potential Learners?

This course is designed for psychiatrists, and other health care professionals and who have a foundation knowledge of substance use disorders, but would like a deeper understanding of the evidence-based pharmacotherapies for their management.

Overview of content?

Pharmacotherapy plays an important role in treating addiction, and several medications have been approved for use in different types of addiction
 This e-learning module will cover medications used in the treatment of most common addictions- tobacco, alcohol, opioid, cannabis, Sedative-hypnotic, stimulant, and behavioural addiction. 
To provide clarity and ease of understanding, pharmacology for each addiction will be described in seven separate chapters. 
Each Lesson starts with the objectives 
  1. Introduction: Provide an overview of the chapter and its learning objectives.
Each Topic covered in each chapter. It will include:
Include a 500 word write up about the same 
Each lesson ends with Quiz : 5 questions : 5 single answer or multiple answer, pass mark >80%

This is the outline of this Certificate Module

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